Microsoft starts pushing U.S elections info in Windows Search

Yesterday, Microsoft quietly started pushing U.S general elections news and information to Windows Search within Windows 10.

After a new update, Microsoft has started providing a link to the U.S general elections within the taskbar search before you even begin typing. Previously, Microsoft used the same recommendation pane in Windows Search to update users with Coronavirus information. Now, Microsoft has jumped the queue and starting linking to “voting registration” query in Bing.

As you can see in the screenshot below, there’s a “Check your status and deadlines” button and it opens a “voting registration” query in Bing. For some odd reasons, Windows Search is also asking users to vote for the U.S elections if the devices are set to other regions.

Search for “voting registration” on Bing via Windows Search will return a wealth of information about the elections, registration process, and deadline before you even begin typing.

US elections in Windows Search

You’ll also have the option of seeing news headlines on the topic.

Of course, if you’re not in the United States and you’ve found that the election option in Windows Search is simply too annoying and you don’t want to see it in Windows Search, Microsoft has added an ‘x’ button the upper right that lets you dismiss the notification, and it won’t appear once you click on it.

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